Vitamin D Linked To Reduced Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk in Palm Bay FL

Vitamin D Linked To Reduced Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk
by Kangna Agarwal

Consider adding vitamin D in your daily diet. A new study suggests that high levels of vitamin D in older adults can cut the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin present in many foods such as fish (salmon, tuna and mackerel), fortified milk, breakfast cereals, and some juices. Available as a dietary supplement, it is also produced by the body when exposed to sunlight.

The sunshine vitamin is important for numerous reasons; it boosts immunity needed for bone growth, reduces inflammation and the risk of cancers, controls blood pressure, lessens joint pain, and helps prevent osteoporosis.

28 studies reviewed

A research team from the Warwick Medical School analyzed 28 studies to determine whether vitamin D lowered the risk of cardio metabolic disorders, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes [Also called non-insulin dependent diabetes; a condition in which the pancreas produces so little insulin that the body cannot use the blood glucose as energy; can often be controlled through meal plans and physical activity plans, and diabetes pills or insulin.] mellitus, and metabolic syndrome.

The studies published between 1990 and 2009 looked at 99,745 men and women across a variety of ethnic groups.

Nearly 14 studies were conducted in the United States; eight were European, two from Iran, three from Australia, and one from India.

Outcome of the study

Based on the data, the researchers found a significant association between high levels of vitamin D and lower chances of developing chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

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